SonicMaps Player Update - Version 2.4.1

by SonicMaps
14 September 2022

What's New

  • Points of Interest (POI) Markers: SonicMaps Player now supports Points of Interest markers (POI), enhancing the interactive exploration of locations.
  • User Interface Lock Option: Introduced a new padlock icon in the top menu bar to lock the User Interface during walks.
  • VIDEO ZONES Support: Implemented support for VIDEO ZONES using the VIMEO API, enabling enriched multimedia experiences.
  • Routes Visualization: Added support to display routes without the start (A) and end (B) markers, providing users with more flexibility in visualizing paths.


  • User Region-Centered Map: The map now centers on the user's region when starting the app (previously centering on Europe by default).
  • Code Optimizations: Conducted multiple code optimizations to reduce file size and improve app responsiveness.