Headford Lace Trail

by Ed Coulson
8 January 2024
Headford Lace Trail

The Headford Lace Trail is part heritage tour, part time-travel adventure, part geo-located musical performance. Now, thanks to SonicMaps, I have a further opportunity to explore in more detail some of the creative, production and technical aspects of the project. Read full story

Player Update (v.2.6)

by SonicMaps
21 October 2023
Player Update v.2.6

Experience the future of locative media with SonicMaps Player's latest update, unveiling project likes, enhanced location accuracy, safety precautions, customizable distance units, and more. We're committed to making your guided tours even more engaging and user-friendly. Read full story

Feature Spotlight: Audio Ducking

by SonicMaps
3 April 2023
Audio Ducking

The SonicMaps Player now comes with the Ducking effect. Say goodbye to audio clutter and hello to crystal-clear dialogue! Experience it for yourself and elevate your soundwalks to the next level.Read full story

Player Update (v.2.5)

by SonicMaps
28 March 2023
Player Update v.2.5

We're excited to introduce the latest SonicMaps Player update, featuring a new Ducking Effect and filled with improvements and fixes to make your interactive experiences even better. Read full story

Feature Spotlight: Video Zones

by SonicMaps
23 September 2022
Vimeo Support

We are implementing Vimeo's fantastic API to support video content in SonicMaps so you can combine audio and video zones in the same project. Imagine guiding your audience through a historical cityscape or a lush nature reserve, and not only immersing them in captivating audio narration but also showing them stunning visuals that complement the story. With SonicMaps' new video support feature, this is now a reality.Read full story

Player Update (v.2.4.1)

by SonicMaps
14 September 2022
Player Update v.2.4.1

Discover the latest SonicMaps Player update featuring VIDEO zones support, Points of Interest markers (POI), and a new UI lock feature for uninterrupted walks. Read full story

Plas Bodfa Continuum

by Jennifer Howd
17 April 2022
Plas-Bodfa logo

“Plas Bodfa” is a 100-year old manor house on the isle of Anglesey in Wales UK. The soundscapes featured in this SonicMap were designed as an immersive sound experience for the “Plas Bodfa Continuum” art exhibition taking place at Plas Bodfa in April 2022, curated by artist and initiator, Julie Upmeyer.Read full story

Player Update (v.2.4.0)

by SonicMaps
28 January 2022
Player Update v.2.4.0

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide you with the most reliable and feature-rich sound geolocation platform, SonicMaps has been updated to include a number of improvements that you can start enjoying today. Read full story


by Anne Versailles
25 August 2021
Frondai soundscape logo

Through a soundwalk, I invite walkers to dare to leave the paths to go deeper into the forest, to make the branches crack under their feet, to hear the forest making noises, to become a fern or a dung beetle or to fly away like a buzzard. A project realized in partnership with different users of the forest of Raismes.Read full story


by Sarah Wöelker
20 April 2021
soundscape logo

The smartphone-based soundscape #post is located in the virtual environment around the gallery feldfünf. It is part of the »queer AND BEYOND [choose category]« store-front exhibition taking place on April 11th - May 1st 2021.

This exhibition combines post-digital art with queer positions. How can the entanglements of the digital and the physical be put into words and communicated? How can blank spaces in language relating to gender diversity be overcome with the means of the digitital? Read full story

Les Chuchotants

by Kasia Lewinska
5 December 2020

The following article is a description of my personal experience working on an extremely exhilarating project ‘Les Chuchotants’ in a team with Giulio dal Lago, Maina Joner, Margot van der Saande. The project can be navigated virtually using the interactive window below, although it is best to do it on site, in a magical, luxembourgish forest. ‘LesChuchotants’ is a part of an artistic trail around Luxembourg called ‘Another View of Nature’. The idea of the project started long ago... Read full story