Les Chuchotants

by Kasia Lewinska
5 December 2020

The following article is a description of my personal experience working on an extremely exhilarating project ‘Les Chuchotants’ in a team with Giulio dal Lago, Maina Joner, Margot van der Saande. The project can be navigated virtually using the interactive window below, although it is best to do it on site, in a magical, luxembourgish forest. ‘LesChuchotants’ is a part of an artistic trail around Luxembourg called ‘Another View of Nature’. The idea of the project started long ago... Read full story


by Sarah Wöelker
20 April 2021
soundscape logo

The smartphone-based soundscape #post is located in the virtual environment around the gallery feldfünf. It is part of the »queer AND BEYOND [choose category]« store-front exhibition taking place on April 11th - May 1st 2021.

This exhibition combines post-digital art with queer positions. How can the entanglements of the digital and the physical be put into words and communicated? How can blank spaces in language relating to gender diversity be overcome with the means of the digitital? Read full story