SonicMaps Player Update - Version 2.6

by SonicMaps
21 October 2023

What's New

  • Enhanced List View: The List view now includes project images for a more visual experience.
  • GPS Accuracy Constraints: New code prevents triggering a zone if GPS accuracy is below a given threshold (currently 20 meters). Users will see a "Weak GPS signal" message and a red location marker to indicate this condition.
  • Project Likes: Authenticated users can now 'like' a project using the new heart icon. The total number of likes received is visible to all visitors, encouraging community engagement.
  • Safety Disclaimer: A health and safety disclaimer message is now displayed before the start of a tour, promoting responsible and safe exploration (mobile only).
  • Customizable Distance Units: Users can now choose between Miles and Kilometres for distance units in the settings.
SonicMaps List View


  • Faster Location Acquisition: We've significantly reduced the time it takes to obtain an approximate location on desktop and laptop computers without GPS receivers, allowing users to access content faster.
  • Full Screen Mode Height: Fixed the issue of the Player height exceeding the viewport height in installed Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) during full-screen mode.
  • Invisible Zones: Invisible zones are now correctly displayed when using conditional playback (enable if), ensuring a consistent and reliable experience.
  • Minor Fixes and Performance Improvements: Various minor issues have been addressed, resulting in improved overall performance.