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Troubleshooting GPS issues


Step 1. Check if Location Services are on, and Safari (or any other browser you are using) is allowed to use them (Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services). Make sure "Precise Location" is also enabled.

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Step 2. Verify that Safari grants location access on all websites or at least asks for permission (Go to Settings > Safari > Location). Select either 'Ask' or 'Allow'.

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Step 3. If all the above fails, you can also try resetting 'Location and Privacy' in the General menu section (Go to Settings > General > Reset)

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If your device uses stock Android please visit Android Help Centre for detailed instructions on how to manage Location Accuracy.

If you are using an Android/MIUI device (e.g. Xiaomi):

  • 1. Go to "Settings > Location" and enable "Location Access".
  • 2. If you don't want your device to use Wi-Fi or mobile networks to provide additional location data please disable "Google Location Accuracy" so only GPS is used, although we generallly recommend to leave this option on.
  • 3. Finally, check that your browser app (e.g. Chrome) can access your device's location (Location > App permission > Chrome > "Allow only while using the app").

Android location settings