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SonicMaps 2.4 now available

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide you with the most reliable and feature-rich sound geolocation platform, SonicMaps has been updated to include a number of improvements that you can start enjoying today.

Version v.2.4 - Changes

  • New option in Editor to add supporting text and images to sound zones. This visual information is displayed as an info-card in the SonicMaps Player when the a walks into a zone.
  • Revised playback system. Any sound zone will now turn grey if its audio file has finished playing and user remains inside that zone.
  • The number of editing groups has been increased from three to six groups in order to facilitate complex projects.
  • New method to set the default map style (i.e. dark, light or sat) using a URL parameter. For example
  • Downloading a project for offline listening is now 95% faster and requires only half of the storage space in your device.
  • New option to disable remote listening and force on-site GPS navigation. This option prevents a user from listening to a project using the walk simulation mode (person icon).
  • Mobile battery life optimisations. GPS tracking is only used while strictly necessary to reduce battery drain.
SonicMaps Info Cards

Version v.2.4 - Fixed

  • Player stopped tracking GPS position and/or playing sounds after the app was suspended (e.g switching to a different app/tab or minimised). Location services and audio engine are now restarted if necessary when app regains focus.
  • Pause button remained visible even if an audio file had ended and no other sound zone was playing.
  • Sound areas did not load/play for a second time after reloading walk without an internet connection (offline) - iOS only
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to listening to your next SonicMaps project.

Best regards, Your SonicMaps Team